The Post in Lech – in the past and today

The Post Lech – in the past and today


The Post in Lech boasts a long family tradition. What was once a proud farmhouse on the village square is today one of the world’s most famous five-star hotels. And what’s more it has lost none of its original charm and continues to offer the hospitality of a “guest house”. An abundance of wood, traditional items, antiques, a skilled eye for details and a number of hunting trophies bagged by the host himself imbue the hotel with a feeling of homeliness and local pride. A sophisticated combination of luxury and tradition exudes warmth and encourages the guest to linger.

Hotel Post Lech, Lech am Arlberg, Fürsten Suite
Hotel Post Lech, Lech am Arlberg (Austria)

The Post in Lech through the ages

Acquired in 1937 by Erich and Irma Moosbrugger, the Gasthof Post in Lech was a small 20-bed hotel, farm and a grocery. Thereafter it was steadily expanded with a great deal of care.In 1972 the Post underwent extensive refurbishment for the first time and acquired its pale pink facade. As long ago as 1976 the Gasthof Post became a member of the Relais & Chateâux international hotel association.

Ihre Gastgeberfamilie Moosbrugger

After the sudden death of Franz Moosbrugger in 1988, Kristl Moosbrugger managed the hotel with the support of her three children Michael, Johanna and Florian. Her bold and exemplary management of the Post resulted in Kristl Moosbrugger becoming the first woman to be awarded the “Hotelier of the Year” accolade in 1990.

In 1994 Florian Moosbrugger returned to the family business after studying abroad. Johanna assumed responsibility for the parental hotel on her mother’s side, the Bergschlössl in St. Anton, and Michael Moosbrugger, the oldest son, left the hotel industry. He became a vintner and took over the traditional Schloss Gobelsburg winery in the Kamp Valley in Lower Austria.

In 1999 Florian Moosbrugger married the Viennese native Sandra Strasser. Together the couple took over the management of the Hotel Gasthof Post in Lech.In 2004 the Post became a hotel and Florian Moosbrugger was named hotelier of the year. Their daughters Vivienne and Violeta were born in 2001 and 2005 respectively.


The flood in Lech 2005

In 2005 a flood caused significant damage to the Post. 

The renovation included reconstruction of the famous terrace and the creation of an underground car park.In 2010 the hotel acquired a new wing which was used to house an extensive spa area. Eleven new rooms were built and furnished in a contemporary style. However, the Post’s classic signature was also retained in the new rooms. The hotel now had 46 rooms and suites with a total of 95 beds.

Hochwasser Lech
Hochwasser Lech
Hotel Post Lech, Unwetter

The Post opened up towards the village

In 2017 another extensive reconstruction was finally undertaken: the kitchen with storage and preparation rooms was rebuilt into a large, open room with ample daylight which is perfect for organisation and logistics. At the same time the historical dining room with a glass facade was also opened up towards the village.

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Hotel Gasthof Post, Fam. Moosbrugger, Lech am Arlberg, Österreich
Restaurant „Postblick“, Hotel Gasthof Post, Familie Moosbrugger, Lech am Arlberg
Restaurant "Postblick"; Hotel Gasthof Post, Familie Moosbrugger, Lech am Arlberg, Österreich