Innovations in the ski resort

Innovations in the ski resort – winter holidays on the Arlberg
Skiing holidays at POST LECH

Guests have always travelled from far away to spend the most beautiful time of the year on the Arlberg – the cradle of alpine skiing. With over 305 kilometres of slopes, 88 state-of-the-art lifts and cable cars and over 200 kilometres of deep snow runs, the Arlberg is the largest contiguous ski area in Austria and the fifth largest ski area in the world.

Due to the special altitude, the highest elevation in the ski resort with the summit of the Valluga at least at 2,811 meters, the Arlberg is also one of the snowiest ski areas. This year, two major projects provide even more comfort and skiing pleasure during your winter holiday on the Arlberg.

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In Lech/Zug, after more than 52 years, the two-seater Zugerbergbahn says „goodbye“ and gives way to a high-speed 10-passenger gondola lift of the latest generation. Already during the trip you can already enjoy the fantastic panoramic view during your skiing holiday on the Arlberg – panoramic windows provide a unique view of the surrounding mountains. With up to 6 meters per second you are now in less than 5 minutes directly on the mountain and can enjoy the 360° panorama on the Balmalp – the mountain station and the gondola station are laid out underground, so that the landscape can be admired without restriction.

The new mountain station is connected underground to the Balmalp ski hut. Thus, the Balmalp is also accessible for guests without skis (clothing). Thanks to the night driving permit, events and celebrations can also take place there in the future during a winter holiday on the Arlberg.

With the new Zugerbergbahn, a state-of-the-art and comfortable connection to the ski resort has been created for Zug. But it will certainly be appreciated by all skiers who have enjoyed, for example, the Madloch, the Zupert or another downhill run before.

Christoph Pfefferkorn, Kaufmännischer Leiter der Skilifte Lech
Winter holiday Arlberg Hotel Post Lech
Winter holiday Arlberg Hotel Post Lech
Winter holiday Arlberg Hotel Post Lech


The Madloch chairlift, which has been transporting countless guests since 1967, will also be replaced by a 6-seater high-speed chairlift with hoods and seat heating and will transport over 2,000 people per hour in the future.

The valley station of the new Madloch cable car is moved and is now located on the opposite side of Lake Zürs. This makes access to the railway massively easier. Further investments were also made in avalanche protection in the area of the mountain station.

The new construction of the Madlochbahn represents a quantum leap in the ski connection between Zürs and Lech as well as for the legendary ski circuits Weißer Ring and RUN of FAME.

Philipp Zangerl, Vorstandsvorsitzender der Ski-Zürs-AG
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Skiing holidays at the post office in Lech

Arrive, relax and feel good during your winter holiday on the Arlberg in the post office in Lech. With us you live in a prime location in the middle of the ski area.

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