The Post Staff Academy

The Post Staff Academy

A calm start into the new year…

For our family, the year began very calmly in a very close circle. We used this time to plan the next steps of the “Post” story in the hotel, one the one hand and, on the other hand, we revived old hobbies and gave a lot of thoughts to the times ahead.

Apart from baking the very popular Vanillekipferl biscuits during the Advent and Christmas time, we conjured up our much-praised Lechtaler nut cake together at home.

Post Staff Academy

During this quiet period, we also put our heads together to brainstorm about how we can make your future stays even more pleasant.

Since at the Post in Lech we have always attached a lot of importance to further education and development, we have created the Post Academy for our employees. The goal of this Academy is to offer the entire team upskilling opportunities by means of online courses in many different fields, so that they can make the best use of the additional time for their individual development. The schedule includes specialised cooking and beverage classes, computer courses and language classes.

Insights into the academy

In the cooking class well-proven Post secrets as well as many tips and tricks are passed on to our team. At present we prepare our popular black buns for our #PostBlack Burger.

In the computer course Florian Moosbrugger shares his knowledge with our employees. This includes exciting topics such as general IT skills, formatting and an initiation into our specific hotel programmes.

Hotel Post Lech Mitarbeiter Akademie
Hotel Post Lech, Kulinarik

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Post Lech Mitarbeiter Akademie
Post Lech Küche Einblicke Mitarbeiter Akademie
Hotel Post Lech Gewürze

With this in mind, we send you our warmest regards from Lech. Stay safe.
Your Moosbrugger Family & the Post Team